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Egg-Poaching Tricks


To all egg-lovers out there, try these five hacks to make egg-poaching stress-free.

1.  Poach eggs in a fine-mesh sieve.  

Poach cracked eggs inside the fine-mesh sieve, then place the sieve in boiling water. It’s an effective way to make the whites a bit harder. The egg will attach to the side of the strainer, so scrape that part a few times to avoid it. This process is a bit tedious, but it will help to make your egg come out nice and smooth.

2. Simmer eggs before poaching.

Cookbook author Julia Child reveals that briefly cooking eggs in simmering water first is another tip to make the white firm. As the water begins simmering, add a few drops of vinegar. Poach the eggs in the mixture. While poaching, create a swirling vortex from the mixture to give the eggs a nice, round shape.

3.      Poach eggs in plastic wrappers made into little pouches.

Line a bowl with a plastic wrap then coat it with oil. Crack the eggs into the plastic-wrapped bowls. Tie the plastic wrap into a pouch then put it in boiling water. Snip the pouch with a pair of scissors to take the cooked eggs out. The eggs will appear funny, but they will taste good.  Cookbook writer Nadine Levy Redzepi often practices this trick.

4.      Poach eggs in a microwave mug.

Put the cracked eggs in the mug, then add a mixture of water and vinegar. Microwave it for 30 minutes using 50% power. This hack is guaranteed fuss-free, and is great for people who like their yolks cooked well.

5.      Poach eggs in silicone cups that float.

Place the silicone cups in a pot of water. Put the cracked eggs in the silicone cups when the water starts boiling. This hack will not give you perfectly-shaped eggs, but the yolks will be soft and custardy.